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Israel's Night Time Voice Network 

Israel’s Night Time Voice is the first of our newly launched networks in 2020. The programs on this ASMR AUDIO NETWORK features THE VOICE of the multi-talented writer, Voice Stylist, Singer, actor, narrator Israel E. Knight. Israel was first heard on YOUTUBE with his channel of the same name which took off in popularity within months of its foray into that medium.


He has become known for his stand ALONE DEEP VOICE and his very powerful, thoughtful, relaxing and very entertaining content. HERE ON HIS VERY OWN NETWORK he is able to take you even deeper into a world of AUDIO ASMR GOOSE BUMPS FROM HEAD TO TOE stories and content WITHOUT the censorship that accompanies the other platform.


His shows are riveting as you will HEAR, allowing you to enter into a marvelous fantasy-land based on the images of your own mind; an amazing experience. Start listening now to some of the free episodes and then sign up for the rest!

Start with the FREE shows on the INTV NETWORK page by clicking the button below and prepare for an incredible experience.



When Messiah and Calamity (a couple of 5 years) decides to leave behind old ideas about relationships to embark upon a journey of "inclusion;" they have no idea what they are getting into when they include their MMA fighter new neighbor, Killian into their mix of daily living and nightly exploits.

This ASMR AUDIO series featuring not ONE BUT THREE distinctive voices (including ISRAEL E. KNIGHT) A winner for those who don't mind a bit of voyeurism with their escapism.

COMING Spring 2023


One of the most popular Werewolf Series on YouTube and definitely the most loved is ZEV! Werewolf In Love. Israel speaks of this phenomenal himself; "I really had no idea listeners would fall so in love with this story of a Girl who follows her boyfriend into the forest one night only to discover he is a Werewolf! It was the audience that kept insisting on more and more episodes. And in Part two when we brought the Werewolf Mother in, it went to another level.” Check out the first three episodes free on the INTV NETWORK page and we are sure you will agree, this is a really good series and one you will want to follow  and hear again and again.



Region 9 (Vampire Planet) Is the strange story of a girl who discovers some gruesome things in her boyfriend’s freezer one night. I won’t give it away but you can listen to the first two shows to find out how he explains these items in the garage freezer. After he takes revenge on one of her haters from work (episode REVENGE ON GF's Haters) she makes a strange request for him to make HER A VAMPIRE TOO. He refuses and the games begin. This is another series MADE BY YOU who kept asking for more! So here the series continues uncensored and commercial free.





From the very popular YOUTUBE CHANNEL DADDY'S DARK WHISPERS comes this Unplugged MA version of DDLG/DADDY content exclusively on our "Daddy's Dark Whispers, (Unplugged) Channel."   Visit our YouTube channel for the free stuff & for the membership stuff!

Mafia Gangster Wants YOU!

You are married...but not happily and now this Mafia Gangster guy wants to take you out and shopping even have a husband! Well, it is not long that all hell breaks loose when HER SECRETS AND HIS SECRETS threatens to take them both out. 

This is one of the most popular ASMR AUDIO SERIES that started on YOUTUBE and moved HERE to escape censorship and give you a true realistic sexy experience.

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