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Millennial Generation Z TV Network

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Millennial Generation Z TV, launches in Spring 2023! This is web TV for a new generation with several upcoming NEW series that will feature stories on the cutting edge of what is happening in the lives of Millennials and Generation X today.


Make it a point to check back for updates. We have FOUR networks and TWO ARE UP for your entertainment right now so make sure to check those out; INTV & VOWL Network are showing free shows NOW so check them out HERE!




“Oh, Oh Drama” is the weekly series that highlights the DRAMA in the lives of Millennials , and Generation Z.  These are short TV episodes that tell the complicated stories of couples, siblings and parents and children, filmed in simple locations where the focus is on the story because the story is king.


"I'm Not Here."

I'm not here is a TV show about a girl who is on the outside looking in. It is strictly narrated show as she goes about her day noticing strange things and making judgments about what she is and how it relates to who she is in life. Each show ends somehow with her saying who cares or it doesn't matter IM NOT HERE.

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